Don’t get drunk anymore. Just don’t do it. It’s not cute.

I know we’ve all heard this warning and we’ve been direct witnesses to the horrors and aftermath of a night of too much drinking. BUT with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook or anti-social networking sites like Twitter, one’s traditionally private or semi-private debauchery becomes very public–especially if there are cameras and digital photo albums available.

Now, I have sat on the edge of my bed many a morning-after thinking, what the fuck did I say last night….or I hope I didn’t piss anyone off… But with one look around the crime-scene of clothes and boots strewn about my apartment floor I knew there were a few damage-control phone calls on the docket. But now there is an instant photographic deluge of reminders…actual evidence…actual PROOF of bad behavior and not just fleeting flashbacks I could once fight out of my brain with affirmations and diner food. Now, no amount of phone calls will erase them.  I simply don’t have the time to write apology comments for each photo nor do I have enough snarky jokes to blur the image.

I figured that the irreverent heavy drinking was an early-twenties character trait I would eventually purge from my life, like the Upper East Side. But as I’m a little over three months out from the big three-ohhh birthday I notice that this nasty habit has stuck around longer than I’d anticipated.

As I click past one photograph after another highlighting my glassy eyes and drunken double-chin (and where the fuck did that come from?) I’m horrified and asking myself, when is this going to stop?

So that’s my advice for the day. STOP!

And, try to do semi-heavy cardio at least three times a week (drunken stumble-dancing is not a healthy substitute to the elliptical)

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