I took a little time off during college and only recently graduated (last year…at age 29) I was working full-time as a retail manager while attending college and didn’t have the time (or the foresight) to do the internship thing or figure out, hands-on, what exactly I wanted to do with my life. So now I’m an unemployed college graduate with only retail experience who wants to starts a real career, not fitting rooms. I majored in English and minored in Media Studies/Journalism. As much as I love the idea of being a 30-year-old intern fetching coffee and writing compelling Ebay descriptions for some crazy boss, I can’t afford to work for free with the student loan-sharks shaking me down for repayment…not to mention my landlord, Time Warner Cable, Con Edison, Visa, my growling belly and that itty bitty-teeny weeny shopping compulsion I’ve developed (from all those years in retail!!!)

I recently heard something on the Brian Lehrer show (the “Help Wanted” segment) about how people who don’t intern or go right into their career of choice directly out of college will never have success (meaning never be an executive in that field). I am in the process of researching this information further because I want to re-listen to the segment to make sure I’m not doing my typical revisionist recapitulation.

It seems as if the mandatory groveling period where you pay your dues seems to have an expiration age of like 25…so what do the nebulous, delayed-achievers do? What do I do?

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