Hello, concerned friend…

I think I may be sending the wrong message with this Project 30 idea. It isn’t about being a fatty or not being a fatty…I just don’t take care of myself–physically, mentally, emotionally… Don’t get me wrong, I do want to lose a few–I’m at my top fighting weight.

I’d really like to run up a flight of stairs without wanting to turn around and throw myself right back down them. I want to be one of those people who is sitting up awkwardly straight because they have yoga posture, not a mysterious drunken injury from the previous night. I want to be lean and limber not dehydrated and vomiting in the toilet.

This “Project” is meant to test my ability to actually stick with something (and cut back on the shopping and booze intake). If I can stick with a wellness routine, put my wallet away and hide my eye-rolling long enough to get a real job (even though secretly I want to be unemployed all summer and go to the beach)…then Goddamn it, I can do anything! Baby steps to what? WORLD DOMINATION.

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