I’ve been thinking about my no superfluous purchases vow a lot lately and rolling my eyes. Do I WANT to ration my face cream and cook in every night…

I was reading an old issue of Vogue Magazine at the doctor’s office waiting room today. Well, not that old–March 2010–but in fashion-years that might as well be the 80’s. I noticed that it was the Vogue with Tina Fey on the cover (which is confusing…funny girl fashion icon?) but what really hit me is just how out of touch I have become since joining the growing ranks of New York’s unemployed. One of the photo spreads featured the military look–surplus jackets, khakis, greens…I completely missed the trend. With the notoriously short attention span of the fashion industry, missing trends isn’t hard. AND since I’ve taken to cloistering myself in my apartment most days, I don’t even have the on-the-street knowledge of what’s hot. In New York, the streets are runways. The insiders are wearing trends so far in advance that they never really enjoy the trend with it’s current. But then again, the advanced placement fashion few would never want to dress like the masses.

I never had a behind scenes fashion gig that required me to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of trends. I have always been more of a basics kind of girl–stylish staple pieces are a must. Flipping through the Vogue put things in perspective a bit. I don’t need to succumb to the whims of the fashion few. Buy these, store those, toss them..wear this now, don’t wear that. The pictures, they don’t matter. Ok, I’m not going to lie, the pictures in Vogue make me feel something but it is usually fat and poor–not eager to shop.

Realizing, in that stuffy waiting room surrounded by donated past-issues of vogue, that I was slowly breaking free from the pressure to consume and free from the cycle and recycle of fashion trends was empowering. In this financial climate with the current trend being lay-offs maybe my self-imposed shopping sabbatical is a good idea afterall.

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