Hair to Save the Day

I recently read in NY Magazine that salon owners have been donating hair clippings to help soak up the recent oil spill… This sounds crazy but it is true!

Matter of Trust is a non profit organization that, “Link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems.” They focus on manmade surplus (which is the reuse and recycling of furniture, clothes, instruments, supplies, etc), natural surplus (products using materials found in nature), and eco-educational programs (environmental awareness and media projects). One of their ventures involves working with salons around the country and the world to gather donated hair clippings from salons (and even pet groomers) that are used to clean up OIL SPILLS! According to their website there were over 2,600 oil spills worldwide last year alone.

This hairy idea was discovered by hairstylist, Phil McCrory, who founded the company Ottimat after watching volunteers on television try to remove oil from Otters during the Exxon Valdez crisis in 1989. His company creates woven hair mats and mesh sacks called hairbooms that are used to suck up the oil from spills. Matter of Trust is working with Ottimat to facilitate the distribution of these mats and booms to spill locations.

PLEASE, talk to your stylist (and your doggie stylist) about donating hair to Matter of Trust!

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