Time Warner Cable sent a tech to retrieve my cable box this morning. I wish I could purge Time Warner from my life entirely because their services are grossly overpriced but I need internet and since they have a chokehold on the New York market I have little choice when it comes to efficient high-speed internet.

I must say, TV-free living is great! I’m already more productive. I cleaned my apartment and painted a wall/corner near my kitchen with blackboard paint (Thank you Stroller in the City for the inspiration!). It looks fantastic–I cant wait to finish off the second coat tomorrow, remove the tape and start scribbling with my new box of chalk…after the recommended 3-4 day post-paint waiting period, of course.

I think I might write weekly specials on the wall and charge my boyfriend per meal. I’m sure he’ll love that. My next project is his bookcase/mailing station/library/catch-all dumpster corner (stay tuned for pictures of before and after)…

I am hoping my fitness motivation returns now that I’ve broken up with my couch.

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