Back in Black

So I’m packing a modest weekend bag for a friend’s bachelorette trip to Atlantic City (Oh Yeah DIRTY JERSEY What’s up?!) and I’m noticing that I own a LOT of black. This isn’t exactly news to me or anyone who knows me or has ever met me–even once. I wear black. I like black. It hides and slims and de-stresses my life. I don’t have to worry about spills (another habit of mine) or dirt.

I used to fight it, I would buy that great dress in red or green and find it months later, tag attached, in the depths of my closet, while muttering to myself, “I should have bought it in black.” I try to branch out because sometimes black feels oppressive, especially in the summer, but all it does is waste hours of my life standing barefoot in my walk in (actually, it’s more of a step-in) wondering if I can cancel plans and order-in.

I’m not going to beat myself up anymore. Here is my favorite cheap simple black look for summer. I know American Apparel is run by a douche bag and their hiring practice is appalling but I like this dress and I think it is a must have for summer (or over leggings with a fluffy scarf and boots for fall).

Kate Moss in American Apparel Fine Jersey T Dress

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