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I’ve been working on and saving a lot of post drafts but I haven’t been actually posting anything. I’ve been juggling ideas for short stories and blog posts and personal style preference and a home furnishing facelift because my writing lacks discipline and regularity, my wardrobe options mostly involve leggings and my apartment consists of corners of crap and piles of junk in between books and newspapers and notebooks and my boyfriend’s beautiful artwork…my mind is so all over the place that I can’t seem to move on anything.

Here is a hefty post with a few sites that have been occupying my time and preventing me from progression!

Design Sponge : This is an amazing site with DIY tips and incredibly inspiring before and after renovations and design stuff. How great is the church pew headboard?

I also LOVE the little box of shoes next to the lovely re-upholstered chair. I have done something similar in my apartment with wooden wine cases/boxes. You can purchase them at your local wine shop for around $5 and stick them by the front door or under a dresser or table for additional storage that is a little more interesting than those ordinary looking baskets or canvas boxes.

Other Sites:

Thursdays: Started by girls who used to gather every Thursday in college for bonding time and now two of them, Colleen and Stephania, have created a website dedicated to, as they put it, “cooking, crafting, girltime.” It’s a great place for ideas and inspiration.

Stroller in the City: Kids and Moms (even though I’m not a kid or a mom there are plenty of other great tips and style suggestions on this blog)

une Americaine in Nice: Fashion blog. This woman is so stylish and lovely I want to throw up all over myself. She’s beautiful and has the best fashion sense and style.

seesaw.: This blog is… Stylish. Fun. Inspirational. Beautiful. It is a blog for SeeSaw Designs. A design firm, or as they put it, “Design Factory” founded by two women.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: I know this seems strange to frequent a coffee website but I  love their French Press brewing guide.  I stayed at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon over the summer and they had a Stumptown Coffee shop attached to the hotel (like they do here), so when I visit the site it makes me think of that lovely Pacific Northwest vacation I took with my boyfriend and the fun 24 hours we spent experiencing Portland together.

Ace Hotel, Portland

Our Trip to Portland. Ace Hotel. There's Joe, reading a book!

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  1. I’m in love with Une Americaine in Nice! Great suggestion love her style xx