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I heard about the launch of Google’s and I rolled my eyes. But when I visited the site I was sucked in . I’m embarrassed to say, after all the complaining I do about conspicuous consumption and fashionista ding-bats, I spent hours yesterday curating my personalized boutique. The site uses a new Google algorithms that take into account how patterns, colors, silhouettes and sizes work together and it allows you to create a virtual shopping world all your own–aiding you in your search for the perfect outfit with style predictions based on your personal tastes. Then they install a micro-chip in your skull while you’re sleeping and control your life. No, just kidding, the government already did that. No just kidding, we’re sheep anyway so there is no micro-chip necessary. We’re already lining up to get groped at the airport–what’s next, anal probing at the bus stop? (That was stupid, who takes the bus anymore, right? No more cheap jokes, I promise.)

The merchandise is organized by style: Classic, Romantic, Casual Chic, Edgy, Street and Boho. After a simple registration process Google and I become acquainted and the virtual shopping begins. You select your style (and to no one’s surprise I am a hybrid of Casual Chic and Classic with a tendency toward neutral shades. I throw in a few flairs of Romantic and Boho but I really just like my basics) and then start filtering your preferences by selecting loves and hates for silhouettes, colors and patterns—there is also a designer category. Like, I HATE Juicy Couture, so I select JC for the “Designers You Hate” portion. I also apparently don’t care for the bubble silhouette or the color yellow. It is really fun. I discovered designers I wasn’t familiar with, like Rick Owens, who seems to be designing clothing directly from my inner space. Check out the screen shots from my browsing…

You can follow other boutiques and have your own followers (FOLLOW ME!)…you can browse boutiques by categories: Recommended (based on your personal preferences and style), Celebrity (No Alexa Chung, though—she’s my fav), Designer, Blogger, Retailer, Trend, Style Genre, Featured, Popular and Recent. Not only does the site serve as an ever-revolving style inspiration mood board (and virtual fantasy closet)–you can search an assortment of stores and online retailers for the perfect pair of boots and filter the results by Free Shipping, On Sale or Luxury Only, in addition to specific styles like lace-up or platform.

It’s a fun tool…but beware… I lost three hours of my life to this site last night and only awoke from my reverie when I realized I wasn’t being honest with myself because I couldn’t afford anything in my own boutique. What does that mean?

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  1. Whats the link Jules? The follow me link doesn’t work 🙂

  2. OOOH thanks lamb chop! I just fixed it… accidentally pasted the address twice in the link. woopsies.