It seems I’m not the only one with a girl-crush

I just read “The Making of Fashion’s Latest ‘It’ Girl” in today’s NY Times Style Section and I’m off to a happy start of my day. I try to pride myself on being against all things vain and vapid (especially involving pseudo-celebrities) but my girl-crush on Alexa Chung is an exception, right? She’s cheeky and cool with wit and true style… I am especially looking forward to her upcoming PBS show, Thrift America, where she scours thrift stores in places like Detroit, Nashville and Alabama for fabulous finds. Whatever, I’m entitled to a few shallow indulgences once in a while.

But it seems I’m not alone…there are entire blogs dedicated to Alexa Chung:

Daily Alexa Chung ( has strangely intimate photos of her–which makes me think that one of her actual friends is the administrator of this blog and that makes it even creepier.


I Want to be Alexa Chung ( I think the blog name pretty much sums up the creep-factor on this blog. But according to this person’s last post, they’ve recognized the problem and put an end to it. “I created this Tumblr in order to do something useful with the disgusting (and, dare I say it, disturbing) amount of Alexa Chung photos I have collected over the years. I do not own any of these and I do not remember where I found them all. ps – when I’m not being a sad stalker, I’m usually over here at Lovely Disco.

Alexa Chung World ( has on-the-street images but the creepy part (aside from the whole thing) are the captions and categories, “Cool Drink,” Alexa Holding a Glass of Drink,” “Alexa Having Wine,” “Having a Laugh,” “Alexa Laughing,” “Alexa in a Park,” “Alexa Chung in her overcoat.” What’s next, Little Bits of Alexa Chung in my Freezer? YIKES!!!

Not only do I feel much better about my minor infatuation but I’m back behind the pointed finger laughing at losers.

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