Julie’s Jewels

I think this functional decor idea probably came from Martha Stewart Living or Real Simple but nevertheless I got a little creative last night so it’s original art now…

I have amassed quite a collection of jewelry over the years, some pieces from flea markets and little shops squirreled away in creative pockets of the different cities I’ve explored–but most of it is from my maternal grandmother. Costume or family heirloom, if it is passed down it’s meaningful to me. So why do I stash all of these meaningful gems in little jewelry bags at the bottom of my lingerie drawer or in ceramic bowls and cups on every low-traffic surface of my apartment? Maybe because I don’t have the space for one of those gorgeous jewelry cabinets and certainly not this fantastic vintage french “type” storage cabinet I found at ABC Carpet & Home that would be perfect for all my little knick-knacks. (Sniff,sniff…why can’t I be stinking rich? or just really lucky at some back-road antique store.)

Well, instead of dropping six months rent on a cabinet, I’ve fashioned my own little apartment sized jewelry installation with cork-board, t-pins, a hammer and a few nails…

Now I can see my favorite pieces…like my grandfather’s medal from Italy:

Or a pair of antique earrings from a shop on Lafayette Street:

A necklace my friend Brianne brought me back from her trip to Chile:

A fabulous pair of earrings designed by my friend Raphaela Pasqualina Dekkers:

One of my mom’s beaded necklaces from the 60’s

Before SoHo became an outdoor shopping center in Scotsdale, Arizona…I got this cute (read: cheap) pair of earrings from a street vendor:

This bracelet is made from elephant hair. My dad brought a few of these back from one of his African Safaris:


Everything looks so organized and beautiful, I think I may have to add a few more cork squares and make a wall of jewels!






4 responses to “Julie’s Jewels

  1. Love this post!!!!!!!! My fav!

  2. where are your start-a-charm neklaces???

  3. HAHAHAHA Lauren! I LOVE YOU! It’s turning!

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