Nava Notes

I like to keep a daily journal. I’m an old fashioned kind of gal when it comes to certain things…Like home delivery newspapers and real books and journals. As much as I love my computer functions (delete, copy, paste, google) there is something about dating a page and writing things down that just can’t be replaced. When you write it, it’s there and it takes too much effort to erase or scribble over or tear out so maybe it was something you wanted to say after all. I also have impeccable penmanship so I like to write things down. I’m kind of a handwriting snob.

I picked up a great little notebook on my last trip to Seattle at a place called Paperhaus in Belltown. The notebook is from Nava Design, an Italian company based in Milan. It has a nifty dating system on the top of each page that allows you to mark the year, month and day. I love the clean simple design.

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