Daily Cancer Deals

…oops I mean Candy… or do I?

I just got my regular and much loved Daily Candy Deals email delivered to my inbox and I was a little shocked to see what they’re pedaling. Tanning Salons! WHAT THE WHAT? Look, I’m no stranger to the fake bake–I spent many 20-minute stints squeezing my eyes shut holding on to the stand-up machine overhead straps for that healthy vacation glow…but we ALL KNOW now that there is nothing healthy about it because tanning (indoor and outdoor) attacks the skin’s DNA, producing genetic defects that may cause skin cancer. Tanning salons claim to be healthier because they use UVA–but, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “UVA exacerbates the cancer-causing effects of UVB, and is the main wavelength behind photoaging,” and may be more carcinogenic because, “It penetrates more deeply and causes more genetic damage in the skin cells (keratinocytes) where most skin cancers arise.” The only true healthy tan is the spray-on, which is also offered at City Sun, but until they remove the traditional tanning beds and go completely sun-less I don’t think they should be promoted on Daily Candy.

According to the Daily Candy website their goal is to help readers life the “Sweet life.” There is no mention of greater social responsibility or health conscious claims so I can’t fault them for being big fat liars–but I can fault them for being big fat irresponsible knuckleheads. I know advertising bucks are dwindling but shouldn’t they ask themselves how are readers going to live the sweet life if they’re dead? Why don’t they just put a cigarette ad up there? Camel Lights 50% off with Daily Candy Deals discount code. Then they can offer a follow-up 20% chemotherapy discount in ten years. OK maybe I’m being dramatic but…am I? Melanoma, according to further (google powered) research, is the most serious form of cancer.

It’s time we need to start expecting more from corporate America. I know how dreamy that sounds and I know it is silly to even think that corporate America as a whole will develop a conscience but we can start with companies designed for and geared to women. Stop telling me I would look better tan. I look fine as I am. You should consider the mental well-being and physical health of the women you market to.

I plan on writing an email suggesting they rethink the tanning deal–you should to.

Here are a few helpful links to learn more about the dangers of tanning beds:

Dr Oz…who doesn’t love Dr. Oz?

The Skin Cancer Foundation

The American Cancer Society

I also found this amusing NY Times article from 1989 about regulations placed on indoor tanning because of the dangers associated with overexposure in coin and token operated tanning beds.

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