I’m bored with my hair again. The best way to update your look in a slightly inexpensive way is with a new hair-do. However, this time I’m plan to move slow through this mood because every time I get chop-happy I regret it and then I’m left with some odd interpretation of the modern mullet and eight months of the grow-out stage with an arsenal of hair pins. OR I take matters into my own hands and end up having to pay, financially and emotionally. Not fun. Sooooo I’ve instead decided to do extensive google-image research before going under the scissors. Maybe I will get sick of the new cuts before I even commit to them.

I’m thinking bangs again…a la Jane Birkin… I say this now but come New York humidity season, my poodle poof bangs will be the death of me.

I also stumbled upon a great hair blog for inspiration and information and a funny bang commentary:

Heads Will Roll (www.whathappensinthechairstaysinthechair.blogspot.com)

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