American Apparel Boycott!

Honestly, I loved my AA basics. I have spent more than one paycheck on tri-blend t-shirts, tube socks and pocket frocks–but NO MORE! They’ve just lost this one. (For an assortment of reasons but namely–my self respect.) Why line the pockets of the predatory pervert who runs the company? The fact that Dov Charney is a sexual deviant isn’t news for anyone who has ever glanced at the soft-core porn American Apparel ads–and he’s been in the hot-seat for lewd behavior in the past…but maybe it’s time to start taking action as responsible consumers should. If Charney had gone off on a discriminatory rant with advertisements glorifying slavery or Nazis, he would have been bankrupt a long time ago. But somehow when it comes to exploiting women or over-sexualizing teenage girls and boys we all just roll our eyes and continue to patronize his stores. Maybe he is offering a living wage (which is debatable) to the factory workers in LA who assemble the hipster crap he hawks, but at what cost to the rest of us? To our dignity To the young women he threatens? You can’t have it both ways. We can’t say, oh, but at least he’s helping some people…all of the good he seems to be doing for immigrant workers is marred by his sexually aggressive behavior, voracious appetite for underage women and inappropriate ads. If he is so dedicated to the plight of the immigrant worker he should think about how his behavior impacts the business and their lives.

AND, LADIES, REALLY? This isn’t a joke. KEEP YOUR F-ING CLOTHES ON!!!! You’re not winning by bending over and spreading it in a thong…I’m sorry. You might think this is sexual freedom and you’re taking control of your sexuality. You’re just allowing some pervert to profit from your privates.  Smarten up.


If buying American is the impetus for shopping American Apparel, then here is a resource to find other American-Made products: AMERICANS WORKING


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