I’m always excited for winter beach vacations. Leaving the cold miserable New York behind for the warm sun and sand anywhere. (Although, I hear we’re in for some wonderful warmer weather this week!) We leave in two days and I’m already packed. Granted, I have severely over-packed so I’ll have to do some major editing over the next couple days, which means packing and re-packing ten times. I’m completely stressed out over the 3-ounce carry-on rule because I’m toting sunblock for everyone (some of us are very pale right now) and I have no room for my arsenal of restorative hair treatments. (The sun and salt water can wreak havoc on my tresses.)

I am extra excited because my boyfriend has never been on a proper vacation… I know! I was confused, too. Our conversation went a little something like this: You’re saying you’ve never been on a beach vacation? WHAT THE WHAT? After I picked myself up off the floor I decided to troll the internet for some beach-themed images to prepare him for our Caribbean adventure, via Powerpoint. I found a few great vintage pictures, Coppertone ads, and Jantzen swimsuit ads (which also look a little frightening) to get us in the mood. I know my 1960’s and 1970’s style fantasy is NOT going to be the reality in Cabarete, Dominican Republic…but I can pretend.

Another fabulous resource that ALWAYS gets me in the beach mood is my friend Nell Love’s Sirene Collection Beach Girl Blog!!!

Yeah, ok. Younger looking skin, tomorrow? More like a leather satchel tomorrow.


This is quite a mixed bag of visual inspiration… I plan on compiling a library of vacation photos and write a travelogue of Cabarete, Dominican Republic upon my return. Stay tuned!


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