Would you buy it NOW?

I’m searching the internet for closet cleaning and organizing tips because I still find myself climbing over shoes I hate and trendy pieces I shouldn’t have purchased. I’m tired of wasting time rifling through the rack to get to the hand full of items I actually wear. AND it doesn’t matter what color my hangers are, if they’re felt lined, made for trousers or ergonomic–when the closet is overstuffed, nothing will work. And on a side note, give me a break with the expensive specialty hangers–it’s just more shit I don’t need and can’t afford. I need to get rid of the CRAP and start taking a drastically different approach to my wardrobe selection. The best piece of advice I found is one simple question, would you buy it now? If the answer is NO then get rid of it. Time to edit, delete and rehabilitate. This is another overwhelming case for sticking to the timeless basics when it comes to a wardrobe.

I love my basics but I also have a secret fancy for a fad. Luckily, most of the trendy pieces (a.k.a. disposable duds) were purchased at discount depots. BUT the trouble with stores like H&M and Forever31 is that we (I) have a tendency to buy in bulk because the prices are so cheap. Unfortunately, more is not better, it’s just more…and I’m drowning in rags that I had to have in every color and went ahead and purchased in every color because they were only $9.95. Well, $9.95 times ten isn’t $9.95 anymore is it? YEAH, I guess that’s where all my money went. Thankfully, the older I get, the smarter I get. The more comfortable I am with my body and the more I understand and appreciate my style and myself. I like quality. I appreciate cashmere. I wear neutrals. I love black and I will never go back. I like a crisp white shirt. I’m happy in a trench coat. I enjoy a slouchy turtleneck sweater. I prefer short dresses with long sleeves. you get it. Sure there are a few adventurous pieces that I still enjoy but for the most part I’m happy with the chic simple classics. If something doesn’t look good today it probably won’t look good tomorrow–so TOSS IT!

As I drag the spring cleaning garbage bag through my apartment I will keep in mind classic timeless tastes along with the faithful question, Would I buy this NOW? If I even take the time to think about it…GOODBYE!

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