Notta Gotti

I’m still a little surprised that “Battlefield Earth” star (eye-roll) John Travolta is going to play John Gotti in the new biopic, “Gotti: Three Generations.” I’m not passionate about Gotti or mafia films in general but I am slightly passionate about movies not sucking. I think selecting Travolta to play the infamous gangster is probably a mistake even despite his heavy hitting mobster performances as Chilli Palmer in “Get Shorty” and the sequel “Be cool.” Unless the producers of this new Gotti film are envisioning a comedy or Gotti the musical–in which case Travolta’s extensive singing and dancing experience is perfect, they should probably rethink his involvement.

One of my gripes is that they don’t even look alike! Not even close. I’m not saying actors must resemble their subjects, no way, but I would understand if the producers hired a medeocre actor just because he possessed an uncanny resemblance to the Dapper Don. But that is not the case here. AND if they’re just transform Travolta with make-up (Hello Hairspray) then why not hire a better actor to transform? Most of his allure as an actor was due to those baby blues and chin-dimple…oh, and his hair (which he doesn’t have anymore.) I just don’t get it. Although, I do enjoy a spectacular train wreck so maybe this will be one hell of a disaster.

I do get…and I am excited to see Joe Pesci reemerge with a Travolta-style comeback à la “Pulp Fiction.” I wonder what he’s been up to? According to IMDB he has only done two movies in the past TEN years! The Good Shepherd (with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie) and Love Ranch, about a married couple that opened the first legal brothel in Nevada. It co-stars Helen Mirren! I think that is next on my Netflix queue.

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