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I am a little obsessed with Jay-Z’s new website, Life + Times. I’m also thoroughly annoyed that I became aware of his site via one of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s publicity appearances for her new cookbook “My Father’s Daughter,” because I can’t stand her. Yes, I am totally one of those native New York women who look at Gwyneth feigning cool or street and roll my eyes at the privileged princess. I am also rolling my eyes at the idea that she counts Jay-Z and Beyoncé as her closest friends…snore.

L+T is a well curated blend of music, fashion, art, culture, sports…etcetera. It’s basically a peek inside the mind of style icon, music mogul and all around maven of cool, Shawn Carter–or Jay-Z. I hate that I just described the site like that because I feel like every famous person is basically a billboard for the masses. Everyone’s promoting a brand and Jay-Z is no different. He just gets to have a little more respect because of his background and rough upbringing and the fact that he’s Jay-Z. I mean, c’mon. Here’s a better way for me to describe the site and why I’m enjoying it without feeling like I’m being sold a bunch of shit I can’t afford… It gives well adjusted insight (and I mean well-adjusted because it’s feels like advice coming from someone over lunch or a drink who is confident and experienced and just fucking cool) and suggestions from the world of art, music, fashion…even sports.  If you’re an icon or an emerging talent in your field or industry and you’ve piqued some interest, you’ll probably be interviewed or mentioned as someone to take notice of. AND if you’re a timeless necessity, you’ll make the cut, too. ANd if you’re expensive and flashy, like a new watch or a car or a new tech-gadget–you’ll probably be featured. (someone’s gotta pay for the upkeep)

It’s not terribly unlike other pop-culture sites, I guess, but the design is really great and the interviews are fun and there are a few new people/places/things of intrigue that I’m aware of now, thanks to L+T. Like Fashion blogger and Illustrator Garance Doré. Her illustration commissioned by L+T is lovely:

Or George Lewis Jr.‘s album Forget (released as Twin Shadow). The sample song they have on L+T is kind of fun.

The BEST Q&A of this interview:

L+T: It’s a rock & roll dinner party. You can invite three rock stars, alive or dead. Who do you invite?
TS: Bob Dylan (circa 1967), Bob Dylan (circa 1976), Bob Dylan (circa 2500)

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