Weekly Shoe

This week I am highlighting a legitimate comfortable shoe… The classic Worishofer wedge sandal. I doubled down on the red and black versions of this shoe several years ago (we all know my compulsion for multiples) and I thought I would soon tire of this granny sandal but I still wear them and I still love them (Check out the watercolor on my header.) You probably see all kinds of un-pedicured hipster feet traipsing around town in the Worishofer sandals to the point that the thought of them might sicken you. I hate seeing them on douchey vintage clothed filthy hair chicks, too–but I have to say…my feetsies are in heaven every time I put them on. (I, of course, have meticulous toes.) I recently made a catastrophic shoe selection on a hot errand-running day that has left unsightly cracks on my calcaneus tendon…so I am slipping these soles into Worishofers for now.

They’re available in an assortment of colors now from patent leather black and animal print to more reasonable colors like beige and red. I’m thinking of treating myself to a new color. The white really screams Nurse Rached but the nude could be just right (or horribly wrong.) Aside from one of the overpriced boutiques on Mott Street in Manhattan or Court Street in Brooklyn these sandals are available online at Endless.com or  Buddy’s Moccasins. (They’re only $54.95 on Buddy’s with Free Shipping!)

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