Weekly Shoe for a NYC Scorcher

Am I reading that right? 100 degrees today?!? YIKES! The worst thing about hot humid days in New York, aside from the inevitable aroma of body odor and greasy food exhaust pumping out onto the sidewalks…is finding comfortable footwear. Even my lightweight Havaiana flip flops manage to create little pesky blisters. The best thing for your feet is something soft and seemingly weightless. I know this is a total hippy favorite but Birkentsock sandals are breathable and soft and comfortable–perfect for the sweltering sticky swamp that 100 degrees can create above ground and below (I can’t even imagine taking the train today!) The Birkenstock Madrid or the Gizeh Sandals are less chunky granola looking and are available in an array of fun colors. I always default to neutrals, of course. Even in this heat.


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