Inspirational Space

I love mood boards. I like organized mood boards that look like a piece of art in your house. I HATE sloppy messy boards with a million ugly papers and crap thumb-tacked everywhere…even my cork-board can start to look haggard–but I organize the clippings to channel the inspiration correctly. Maybe I spend too much time organizing that I stifle the creativity. hmmmmm.

I found these examples of great mood boards and I thought I’d share. One is of Toronto stylist Sabrina Linn‘s mood board that also serves as a piece of art.

This next one is from the now defunct Domino Magazine and is of Drew Barrymore’s LA home-office (designed by Ruthie Sommers). I LOVE the kitchen–I know it isn’t a mood board but it is still inspirational and it feeds my organization obsession. I miss Domino.


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