Design Inspiration PAINT PROJECT

I stumbled across this image on The Pursuit Aesthetic and I am heading to the store today to purchase paint. I don’t know the origins of this picture so I can’t find out any information but I LOVE the dark doors/white walls contrast and I think it is just what I need to give my place a small and simple facelift. It’s not like painting the whole apartment–UGH don’t get me started on that. I end up with paint in places one should never have paint–places that rarely see the sun. And let’s not talk about trip work. My light switched are still coated with paint and one plate is missing all together. This causes a definite fire hazard. Side note, the plate has been missing for two years. It is in my life every day–all day. You think I would have installed a new one by now. Nope. I am currently without health insurance so I think an electric shock should be avoided. Note to self–pick up switch plate today.



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