Serenity…french market baskets and peshtemals

I am still obsessed with this lovely French Market Basket from Sirene Collection. It was a gift from my friend (and Sirene proprietor) Nell Love–and I have to say, this is one of the BEST gifts EVER! I use it all the time. I find myself styling the contents of the bag each time I use it. Clearly I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m now a wee embarrassed that I’m sharing. Sometimes I purchase baguettes as props just so I can have a loaf poking out of the top–you know, to complete the look. (Oh, not embarrassed at all now.) I am writing this post because as I’m packing my tote for the park (mind you, the park is probably fifty feet from my apartment) I’m stressing out about what to include. Do I bring a disposable bottle of water or should I invest in one of those metal things I always hear clinking around and falling over in yoga class? Should I take a leather-bound journal (anything other than moleskine) or stick to reading the paper? Should I load my iPod with podcasts or hum along to the sound of nearby construction? What blanket or towel will go well with my lady of leisure vibe? That one is easy because I can choose from any number of stunning towels at Layla in Brooklyn or stock up on peshtamals at Bath Style: Turkish Bath Accessories on Etsy. The great thing about these towels is that they are so lightweight they can double as a scarves in the fall…(and for now they’re a great prop for your market basket…haha)

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