Design Inspiration: Futuristic Lamp

I snapped this photo with my phone (hence the poor quality) at the home of a friend’s mother. She has a palatial house on Cedar Creek in Lacey Township NJ. (I think I got that right.) The water in Cedar Creek, as you may have guessed, is a reddish color. The house has multiple bedrooms and one of those extra-long weathered wood docks extending into the rich toned water. Similar to those featured in scary movies . Obviously, this place isn’t haunted–far from it. It is absolutely lovely.

In one of the bedrooms I discovered this lamp!! My boyfriend was working on a futuristic comic at the time and I thought this lamp would be the perfect reference for him so I took a few photos. I LOVE IT!

I tried to imagine it in other colors but I think it really only works in white.




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