Belly Series

I can’t remember if I stumbled upon these images via the American Apparel website or I saw them and then found my way to their makers… But I keep returning to this lovely blog: to look at them. It is a weekly photo series of a growing belly during pregnancy…. American Apparel got involved and provided a wardrobe so these could be used as promotional images. I don’t know the details about the ad campaign, nor am I google searching for any answers, but I LOVE the series. Have I said that already? Love, love, love. Cole (the pregnant subject) presumably photographed by her partner/boyfriend/husband…whatevs…is absolutely gorgeous. Each week as her belly grows her expressions become more alive. It is beautiful. And at week 40, of course, she is holding the baby!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics and the video!!!


I think this might be my fave…


It is no secret that I am a critic of American Apparel’s pervie CEO but I think this campaign won me back. haha



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