Kick in the Pants

I haven’t blogged in at least six months and I am not proud of it.

I’ve been focused on work and life and…I have no real excuses. It is laziness and procrastination and the trap of easy entertainment. (I haven’t written a word but I’m caught up on all the new HBO shows…in what world is this ok? Oh, yeah, our world.)

So my boyfriend, whose dedication to his art and strict regimen can put anyone to shame, challenged me this week. I have to deliver a first draft of a short story by MONDAY! Normally, this would be a simple task…for the old Julie who was in several writing workshops at once and couldn’t stop the stories…but this new Julie is an embarrassment! Her imagination is sluggish and uninspired.

Writing, like any craft, is a muscle we have to work and massage and flex and exhaust so it grows bigger and stronger…we have to use the muscle so it doesn’t atrophy…(ugh even my analogies are boring)… But you get it. My writing is out of shape…she’s put on a few pounds…STAY WITH ME, STAY WITH ME…but this new exercise (ah-hah!) is just the ticket…no, just the right recipe…no…just the thing… It is just the kick in the pants I need.

Look I’m already inspired to post this stupid rant.

Please don’t judge.



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