Weekly Shoe

Weekly Shoe...this one fell out of the ugly tree...


I have fallen off on my weekly shoe posts…but I felt inspired while trolling an assortment of sites looking for a great transitional flat (I can feel the spring coming…don’t let the wintry mix fool you) or a pair of sale booties (I really want the Rag & Bone Newbury booties or a pair of Rachel Comey anything…)

I found this god awful terrifying vomit inducing shit show of a shoe! And what’s more…they’re called ZIGIgirl “Z-Jo Stud” boots! Whaaaat? You can’t make this up.

First of all…the Timberland boot with a high heel makes me physically ill. I absolutely hate the look. And this one has STUDS! Jesus. WHO WEARS THESE? Where are you? Please stop. And NORDSTROM! I am disappointed. You’re just encouraging this insanity.

Not only are they probably the ugliest shoe ever dreamed up in some nut job’s “design studio” … they’re almost $300!!! So whoever purchases this item is not only devoid of style…but stupid to boot

I promise the next Weekly Shoe will be serious…but this one was perfect for some laughs.



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