Weekly Shoe…for real

ImageI know this shoe style has been around the block and on every pseudo celebrity, too…but I’m still in love. I have simple, classic taste, I guess. From what I hear, knee boots are in for fall and booties are out…so that is even more reason to wear these every day this spring to get your moneys worth! (These babies are over $400!) 

I’m sold on the Navy because they’re not a stark black boot nor are they a nude (and filthy after one afternoon of city walking) 

Rachel Comey footwear is a smart investment… My boss (designer Nadia Tarr) keeps pointing out…Rachel Comey booties are a perfect example of iconic brand recognition… Every time you see a bootie with this wooden heel or any stunning ankle bootie, you think: Rachel Comey… 

I have been given strict orders to eliminate my student loan debt (who’s going to marry a girl with financial baggage?) So sadly, these are off my spring list…but a girl can dream. 

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