Wide Leg Jeans


I try to avoid trends. You won’t see me wearing fringe or platform sneakers and I never put on an “outfit.” My closet consists mostly of interchangeable basics. I do appreciate certain on-trend styles as long as they are timeless vintage inspired. Like, the new clog craze is great–even though I don’t own a pair, yet. I love and own several cropped denim kick-flares. But you would really have to search to find a true “trendy” piece of clothing in my closet.

For the past five years my wardrobe has been a little…lacking. From 2011-2015 I worked for a womenswear designer. Even though I was in the “fashion industry,” I stuck to the basics and hardly bought clothes because the small office was wayyyy out in Red Hook, Brooklyn… Who was I dressing up for? The B61? No thanks.

The designer made stretch jersey garments…and at first it was exciting, wearing comfy stretchy dresses and separates…but after a few wears the jersey would pill and it quickly made me feel like I was in pajamas all day. Even the shorter 3/4 length skirts seem to be made with eight yards of heavy fabric they would whoosh around kicking up dust bunnies and dirt everywhere I went. I basically took four years off from thinking about my wardrobe. BUT I was helping to represent a brand…and I didn’t notice my personal style suffer.

During my tenure in Red Hook I had a baby–so I really limited my wardrobe to whatever fit (and that lasted at least 6 months post-partum, too.)

But now that my kid is a toddler…and I am trying inch my way back into the working world…I am so much more aware of what I wear. I am on a strict no-job budget so my purchases are very limited but I recently acquired a pair of on-trend bottoms that are a total throw-back (and thus acceptable by my standards.) High-waisted wide-leg jeans! (I look like my mother, circa 1972.)


I spent $20 on these babies at H&M… I washed them and cropped them. Now I look a little more updated when I chase my daughter around the park.





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