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Sunday in Yardley, PA

Sometimes escaping NYC means a trip through Penn Station and a 90-minute NJ Transit ride to a lazy Sunday brunch at a lovely Friend’s drool-worthy home in quaint Yardley, PA. The whole day was perfection. The food. The weather. The conpany. I loved every minute. I kinda want to move to Yardley. 

When you have a few hours –10 minutes even–away from your kids it feels so indulgent. You can focus entirely on the person you’re speaking with, rather than give them half your attention or excuse yourself every three minutes to course correct your toddler. When you’re child-free you even start to enjoy activites and tasks you once loathed. 

As a parent, my time is so rarely my own that I fully appreciate a few minutes to myself whenever I can get it. Doctor’s waiting room…Ikea returns department…being on hold (especially if the hold music is Cisco call manager default). 

My most recent activity (a ride on NJ Transit Northeast Corridor from NY Penn to Trenton) would have normally felt like one step up from a deathmarch but instead it was 180 minutes of bliss . I shut off my brain, except for the brief period that I had to figure out the NJT app to activate my ticket (super convenient, btw) oh and the twenty minutes I read NY Times political news before swiping it off in frustration (Donald Trump makes me sick), and watched the landscape change. 

I missed my sweet babe and my husband for a few hours but mama needs some alone time…even if it is on a commuter train surrounded by strangers and even stranger smells. 

Tips on Life and Love Blog


Cracking my knuckles and dusting off the keyboard for some blogging… It has been a long time since I’ve posted and plenty has happened since the last one…marriage, baby (which I will get to in future posts) but I thought I’d share some fun writing I’ve done elsewhere…

I have recently been writing for Simon & Schuster’s blog: Tips on Life and Love. Mostly style and fashion posts…oh and a few beauty ones in there, too… Check them out!



Stay tuned for more original posts.

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Weekly Shoe: The Sochi Edition (ok…a little late)

I’m kind of secretly obsessed (and I hate using that word) with clogs…and not just any clogs. Rachel Comey, No.6 and a brand recently brought to my attention by a chic (and very cool) co-worker…Bryr.

I know they’ve been around a while and you can’t throw a snowball in Williamsburg without hitting some young lady wearing a pair. BUT I likie…

I don’t actually own a pair of wood-soled clodhoppers. I’ve known a few assholes who wear clogs and they’ve kind of ruined it for me…the sound of the wood slamming the ground makes me cringe now, thanks to one devil-incarnate in particular.

BUT maybe I can pretend to be a Cobble Hill mom trotting heavy-heeled with toddler in tow to the nearest Montessori School for morning drop-off before I grab a local-fair-trade coffee and settle in to my (fill in awesome job here) workspace.


I am especially drawn to the Bryr boot because with the laces wrapped around the ankle and the familiar shape of the boot and wood heel…it reminds me of the Olympics…of Figure skating! or ice dancing… (And yes, I did just have a fleeting and dare I say it…fond memory of the Tonya Harding broken laces debacle from the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. Poor Tonya.)

two tone phoebe

I love the two-tone Phoebe

I might splurge on a pair of Bryr boots in honor of the Sochi Olympics…although considering the Northeast winter has been slamming us like a bi-polar-vortex (hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, cold, rain, snow, ice) I might be better off with rubber waders to brave the slush rivers at every corner.

Happy Weekly Shoe week…month? (When was my last post?)


New Post on Tips on Life and Love!

Simon & Schuster’s Tips on Life and Love Holiday Post!


Weekly Shoe (the injury edition)

I recently broke my pinky toe. Whatever…I’m convinced it is broken because it still hurts and I stubbed it a month ago. It’s my own fault. I’m not mindful of where I walk at home and I’m always banging into things. I’m surprised I don’t have more broken toes and chipped elbows, honestly.


yeah…you’re welcome.

This little piggy is a problem because I can’t wear any of my favorite shoes! Sandals and slip-ons are fine but not in snowy 25-degree weather (I’ll lose my toes.) And this is killing me (emotionally) because I just had my favorite winter boots re-soled by a talented Greek God of a cobbler on Wall Street. I know that sounds funny but really, this man is a God. My tattered Frye boots look brand new…he sewed a new sole, fixed the heel, shined them up…(sure it was $80 but at least I salvaged a great pair of boots rather than tossing them for some lesser quality replacements.)


And this little piggy is killing me (physically) because when I stuff her into my boots it only prolongs the healing process. I can justify it for maybe ONE holiday party but other than that it’s Hunter Wellingtons (even on dry days) and Minnetonka moccasins… Ugh those f-ing moccasins are a joke. I look like I’m wearing slippers everywhere. Good for toe, bad for rep. Unless I rent a mountain cabin for the winter months… I’ll be the most stylish limping lady chopping wood and drinking scotch by the fire. (Then I’ll promptly throw my footwear into the flames when the weather warms up.)


So this weekly shoe is an ode to real comfort shoes (the hippy slippers) and a cautionary tale to all… LOOK BEFORE YOU WALK.

Tips on Life and Love: Everyone CAN Wear a Pencil Skirt

I have been lucky to work with the amazing content director Kristy Ojala on a few fun Style posts for Simon & Schuster’s blog Tips on Life and Love.

Here is a recent post on Pencil Skirts!!!


Guest Post for Stroller in the City

I had the privilege of guest blogging for super mom Brianne Manz while she and her family were out of the country on vacation. I attended a fabulous event at the New York Palace Hotel…check out the post on SITC!

Brianne has three children under 5-years-old and manages to run her own successful blog as well as freelance for Mom Trends, Elizabeth Street Blog and others–and she is a social media consultant! I mean…I haven’t even made the time to update my own blog…WHAT IS MY EXCUSE?!?

Brianne, it was an honor to blog for you while you were away…and thanks for being my writing inspiration!

Check out the blog post about the New York Palace Hotel

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