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Weekly Shoe

I’m thrilled for cooler fall weather AND footwear. I highlight a lot of Zara shoes in my Weekly Shoe post so it is no surprise that I’m picking another Zara item this week. Two, in fact. Zara has a great shoe selection at affordable prices so I don’t feel bad wrecking them on the City streets. One drawback of inexpensive shoes is comfort…I wouldn’t choose a towering stacked heel from Zara but I would purchase a wedge. Wedge heels are my favorite walking shoe because they’re comfortable and still give you height and a sexy leg–without regular trips to the podiatrist.

I picked two Zara suede wedge shoes for early fall–before the snow and sleet come to corrode your soles (although the rubber crepe wedge should withstand the salt.) The first shoe is the Crepe Wedge Ankle Boot, available in two colors shown; and the second shoe is the Zip-up Wedge Ankle Boot, also available in two colors… and the BEST PART… They are available for order online now in the U.S. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


BREAK at the Fringe Festival

Just saw BREAK at the fringe festival and it was GREAT! No one is more jaded about 9/11 than me and this play was touching and funny and emotional. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!! I cried and laughed and now I am urging all of my friends to see it. SEE IT!! NOW!

La Dolce Vita

I am desperate for an extended vacation in Italy. Every August, imagining myself among the swathes of tanned beauties sun bathing on the Adriatic sea or Amalfi Coast makes me dizzy with pleasure. This is yet another on a long list of travel related fantasies that my unemployment stipend can’t cover right now. But I can still watch Italian movies and load up on my favorite products…it’s almost like being there. 

Some of my Italian favorites include La Bello Lip balm (now that this is available online I don’t have to bribe friends traveling abroad to stock up for me), San Pellegrino Limonata, and a few must haves from Santa Maria Novella in Florence (also available State side at Lafco in Nolita): Iris Flower Soap (for combination skin), Armenia Papers (scent of Frankincense and Myrrh) and Ceramic Soap dishes (which can also be used for the burning papers.) The map is wrapping paper from Cavallini & Co.

Serenity…french market baskets and peshtemals

I am still obsessed with this lovely French Market Basket from Sirene Collection. It was a gift from my friend (and Sirene proprietor) Nell Love–and I have to say, this is one of the BEST gifts EVER! I use it all the time. I find myself styling the contents of the bag each time I use it. Clearly I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m now a wee embarrassed that I’m sharing. Sometimes I purchase baguettes as props just so I can have a loaf poking out of the top–you know, to complete the look. (Oh, not embarrassed at all now.) I am writing this post because as I’m packing my tote for the park (mind you, the park is probably fifty feet from my apartment) I’m stressing out about what to include. Do I bring a disposable bottle of water or should I invest in one of those metal things I always hear clinking around and falling over in yoga class? Should I take a leather-bound journal (anything other than moleskine) or stick to reading the paper? Should I load my iPod with podcasts or hum along to the sound of nearby construction? What blanket or towel will go well with my lady of leisure vibe? That one is easy because I can choose from any number of stunning towels at Layla in Brooklyn or stock up on peshtamals at Bath Style: Turkish Bath Accessories on Etsy. The great thing about these towels is that they are so lightweight they can double as a scarves in the fall…(and for now they’re a great prop for your market basket…haha)

Weekly Weatherproof Shoe

Honestly with this rain? and the HEAT… I can’t even handle it. The cross-walk water-ways are too huge to hurdle–so forget flesh-exposing footwear. Normally I would throw on the Hunter Wellies but knee-high boots in August are just plain swampy. And the rubber ballet flats are a joke–have you seen what’s floating in the curbside run-off? Do you want that garbage squishing between your toes? Didn’t think so.

I need something all-weather appropriate. I love Hunter boots so I think investing in the short version is a sensible choice for warmer temperatures. You can even wear them into the fall to show off the last bit of your tan with shorts, layers and an obnoxiously fluffy scarf. And don’t forget the hispter hat. 

The wedge option is great to flatter the legs. Might as well direct the attention to your tones thighs and AWAY from your frizzy mop and greasy t-zone. We’ve all been there.

If you choose to stick with the traditional boots–use Kate Moss or Angelina Jolie as style inspirations.

Anyone who gets to stand to half-naked Brad Pitt (let alone sleep next to him) is an inspiration to me.

Hand Fan

I spent this past weekend in Asbury Park and picked up an adorable (and currently very useful) accessory at a kitschy little shop in the Grand Arcade on the boardwalk called Carla Gizzi. This Straw Hand Fan would be a perfect beach wedding favor perhaps with place cards tied on in wedding-theme-color-coordinated ribbon. Ooh those great old fashioned manilla price tags would be great… It’s too bad I do a HEAVY eye roll when ever I think of planning a wedding. Maybe I will just have a garden party and give these away.

Clare Vivier Clutch

I love bags, cases, clutches, leather goods… but I like SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE. No be-dazzled bells and whistles. No buckles or clasps. Simple. Rectangle. Zipper. Big. With a simple accessory I am even willing to explore COLOR. WellI think I’ve found my clutch companion… Clare Vivier. The oversized clutch can easily fit my laptop and is sooo much more chic than a padded rubber pouch. Forget the fact that I’ve never left the house with it–now I can in style. And the fold-over clutched are lovely. SO many colors!

What would a WCS shopping post be without a neutral color suggestion?

The Handbags are stunning…simple and chic and exactly what I’m looking for. I think I need them all.