Stroller in the City Celebrates Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day was a bit of a blur. Last year my daughter was only three months old so I was still new to the sleep deprived half-concious state that parents eventually grow accustomed to. But now that I have the hang of it and a little more sleep, celebrating my second Mother’s Day is more fun and I planned in taking a little time out just for me.

This year I got to join Stroller in the City for a movie screening of the new flick Mother’s Day thanks to Fandango (who provided the movie tickets and refreshments!) Lindt also provided yummy truffles that I devoured almost instantly.

The movie was so much fun. It was the perfect mom-com to enjoy with a bunch of other moms sans kiddos.

Sometimes it is nice to skip the Netflix and actually go to the movies. Fandango even gifted us two movie tickets for a future show, which I plan on using for date night with the hubbs in the coming weeks. Or maybe I’ll take MY mom to a movie and let dad and papa hang with the babe while the ladies kick back. Hey…mom needs to have fun, too! #SITCcelebratesMothersDay was a blast!

Thanks Brianne for including Wear Comfortable Shoes in this fun night out!!

Wide Leg Jeans


I try to avoid trends. You won’t see me wearing fringe or platform sneakers and I never put on an “outfit.” My closet consists mostly of interchangeable basics. I do appreciate certain on-trend styles as long as they are timeless vintage inspired. Like, the new clog craze is great–even though I don’t own a pair, yet. I love and own several cropped denim kick-flares. But you would really have to search to find a true “trendy” piece of clothing in my closet.

For the past five years my wardrobe has been a little…lacking. From 2011-2015 I worked for a womenswear designer. Even though I was in the “fashion industry,” I stuck to the basics and hardly bought clothes because the small office was wayyyy out in Red Hook, Brooklyn… Who was I dressing up for? The B61? No thanks.

The designer made stretch jersey garments…and at first it was exciting, wearing comfy stretchy dresses and separates…but after a few wears the jersey would pill and it quickly made me feel like I was in pajamas all day. Even the shorter 3/4 length skirts seem to be made with eight yards of heavy fabric they would whoosh around kicking up dust bunnies and dirt everywhere I went. I basically took four years off from thinking about my wardrobe. BUT I was helping to represent a brand…and I didn’t notice my personal style suffer.

During my tenure in Red Hook I had a baby–so I really limited my wardrobe to whatever fit (and that lasted at least 6 months post-partum, too.)

But now that my kid is a toddler…and I am trying inch my way back into the working world…I am so much more aware of what I wear. I am on a strict no-job budget so my purchases are very limited but I recently acquired a pair of on-trend bottoms that are a total throw-back (and thus acceptable by my standards.) High-waisted wide-leg jeans! (I look like my mother, circa 1972.)


I spent $20 on these babies at H&M… I washed them and cropped them. Now I look a little more updated when I chase my daughter around the park.





Holiday Photos

Over the years I’ve received dozens of holiday postcards from friends and family. The first wave typically featured just the newly weds traveling or posing adorably with a festive prop…then maybe a pet or two…and eventually each card featured growing families. I love getting these cards. I don’t see all of my friends and their broods often so it is fun to watch the kids grow each year. Plus, I really enjoy getting mail that isn’t bills or junk. Call me old fashioned.

This year I was tossing around the idea of sending a holiday card featuring my daughter. My husband and I have been very adamant about not sharing pictures of her on social media or disseminating images beyond our close friend and family circle. Even when I text a picture of a funny face Emilia makes to a friend I instantly feel guilty that I’ve stolen a piece of her soul and shot it out into the ether. Maybe I’m a little too protective of our (mostly E’s) privacy.

Well, we did it. It took a few snaps with my iphone, twinkle lights, a teddy bear and a very cooperative 10-month-old.

I browsed sites like Minted and tinyprints for ideas but I was a little shocked by the prices. I love my kid but I’m not spending $300 on a few letterpress photo cards. I also didn’t want whimsical messages printed on them–which narrowed the selection down quite a bit. Then I remembered a site I used to use for marketing materials and look books: Overnight Prints. 50 custom post cards, including envelopes AND shipping cost less than $25!!!! They looked great–thick paper, matte finish. Granted they weren’t cardboard stock letterpress–but I’m fine with that.

E Holiday Card_Back

Tips on Life and Love Blog


Cracking my knuckles and dusting off the keyboard for some blogging… It has been a long time since I’ve posted and plenty has happened since the last one…marriage, baby (which I will get to in future posts) but I thought I’d share some fun writing I’ve done elsewhere…

I have recently been writing for Simon & Schuster’s blog: Tips on Life and Love. Mostly style and fashion posts…oh and a few beauty ones in there, too… Check them out!



Stay tuned for more original posts.

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Weekly Shoe: The Sochi Edition (ok…a little late)

I’m kind of secretly obsessed (and I hate using that word) with clogs…and not just any clogs. Rachel Comey, No.6 and a brand recently brought to my attention by a chic (and very cool) co-worker…Bryr.

I know they’ve been around a while and you can’t throw a snowball in Williamsburg without hitting some young lady wearing a pair. BUT I likie…

I don’t actually own a pair of wood-soled clodhoppers. I’ve known a few assholes who wear clogs and they’ve kind of ruined it for me…the sound of the wood slamming the ground makes me cringe now, thanks to one devil-incarnate in particular.

BUT maybe I can pretend to be a Cobble Hill mom trotting heavy-heeled with toddler in tow to the nearest Montessori School for morning drop-off before I grab a local-fair-trade coffee and settle in to my (fill in awesome job here) workspace.


I am especially drawn to the Bryr boot because with the laces wrapped around the ankle and the familiar shape of the boot and wood heel…it reminds me of the Olympics…of Figure skating! or ice dancing… (And yes, I did just have a fleeting and dare I say it…fond memory of the Tonya Harding broken laces debacle from the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. Poor Tonya.)

two tone phoebe

I love the two-tone Phoebe

I might splurge on a pair of Bryr boots in honor of the Sochi Olympics…although considering the Northeast winter has been slamming us like a bi-polar-vortex (hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, cold, rain, snow, ice) I might be better off with rubber waders to brave the slush rivers at every corner.

Happy Weekly Shoe week…month? (When was my last post?)