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Weekly Shoe…for real

ImageI know this shoe style has been around the block and on every pseudo celebrity, too…but I’m still in love. I have simple, classic taste, I guess. From what I hear, knee boots are in for fall and booties are out…so that is even more reason to wear these every day this spring to get your moneys worth! (These babies are over $400!) 

I’m sold on the Navy because they’re not a stark black boot nor are they a nude (and filthy after one afternoon of city walking) 

Rachel Comey footwear is a smart investment… My boss (designer Nadia Tarr) keeps pointing out…Rachel Comey booties are a perfect example of iconic brand recognition… Every time you see a bootie with this wooden heel or any stunning ankle bootie, you think: Rachel Comey… 

I have been given strict orders to eliminate my student loan debt (who’s going to marry a girl with financial baggage?) So sadly, these are off my spring list…but a girl can dream. 

New Joseph Laney comics are available!!! Z West and Iron City!

The New Z West comic is available online!! This is book 2 in a 4-book series by Joseph Laney! Stay tuned for more!
AND the first edition of the retro-futuristic crime noir series IRON CITY is available on, too!
The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are fun and captivating! (I’m not just saying this because he’s my boyfriend, folks, I really love the work!)

Weekly Shoe

Weekly Shoe...this one fell out of the ugly tree...


I have fallen off on my weekly shoe posts…but I felt inspired while trolling an assortment of sites looking for a great transitional flat (I can feel the spring coming…don’t let the wintry mix fool you) or a pair of sale booties (I really want the Rag & Bone Newbury booties or a pair of Rachel Comey anything…)

I found this god awful terrifying vomit inducing shit show of a shoe! And what’s more…they’re called ZIGIgirl “Z-Jo Stud” boots! Whaaaat? You can’t make this up.

First of all…the Timberland boot with a high heel makes me physically ill. I absolutely hate the look. And this one has STUDS! Jesus. WHO WEARS THESE? Where are you? Please stop. And NORDSTROM! I am disappointed. You’re just encouraging this insanity.

Not only are they probably the ugliest shoe ever dreamed up in some nut job’s “design studio” … they’re almost $300!!! So whoever purchases this item is not only devoid of style…but stupid to boot

I promise the next Weekly Shoe will be serious…but this one was perfect for some laughs.



Tickie Treasure

photo-4A remarkable part of my home is filled with relics from my family’s past.

The tall white cabinet in my living room filled with my boyfriend’s art supplies, used to house my great grandmother’s jarred and canned goods. My great grandmother had twelve children and a husband (who probably counts as another three children.) To make ends meet she would take in boarders (they had a fairly large house in Endicott, NY.) and sell jars of her pasta sauce and cans of peppers. (I’ve been told this sauce was delicious. No one has been able to recreate it, either. I’m sure she took the secrets with her to the grave.)

My mother’s rocking chair (that she used to rock me to sleep in when I was a baby) takes up real estate in my living room. This piece is a little rickety and more of an obstruction on your way to the bookcase… (no known family history for the bookcase–I think my boyfriend got it off the street when he lived in Brooklyn.)

Other treasures, like a tiny side table, belonged to my grandmother. A few pictures from my grandfather’s childhood… But the pieces I keep closest to my heart are the trinkets, the accessories. The heavy italian gold religious medal that belonged to my grandfather. (I wear this occasionally, it is a perfect rose-gold hue and makes me think of him.) The gold cuff that was probably too small for my grandmother’s wrist, now adorns mine.

I recently rediscovered this leather billfold with my grandfather Felix Julian’s nickname, Tickie, embossed on the exterior. My grandfather had a twin brother named Salvatore…so their nicknames were Tickie and Tore…

It wasn’t just the wallet that made me smile, it was the little treasures inside! They make me feel closer to a grandfather I never met. (He died when my mom was only 17.)

photo 1

The contents of his bill-fold are a random collection of things. A picture of him with two brothers from the church, a couple penny stamps (and a couple fake ones,)  a sweet note–perhaps to remind him to enjoy life…

photo 2

“We are living in a world of your reality. How fortunate it is for those who can find sanctuary in a world of make believe…”

photo 3Tickie was a Merchant Marine. And I heard he fancied himself a bit of an entertainer. Always putting on skits or elaborate pranks. Perhaps in a different town he could have been a famous actor. He certainly seems like a ham!

photo 4

There are also business cards. The addresses,  246 Fifth Avenue is still there but I think 1400 North Street has been redeveloped and possibly a vacant lot now. Maybe the cards give me a little more information about his business dealings…but I think I’ll have to do a bit more digging to figure this mystery out.


It has been a while….yes but here is a weekly shoe to get things rolling again.

I’ve had my eye on these puppies for a while, how could you not they’re so dazzling! I also have to say, Zara can make a $79 pair of shows look like a $799 pair! I’m sure they fit like a $20 pair of shoes and peel off your first epidermal layer after a few blocks but…just look at those magic sparkle flats!

I love the fast fashion world!

Kick in the Pants

I haven’t blogged in at least six months and I am not proud of it.

I’ve been focused on work and life and…I have no real excuses. It is laziness and procrastination and the trap of easy entertainment. (I haven’t written a word but I’m caught up on all the new HBO shows…in what world is this ok? Oh, yeah, our world.)

So my boyfriend, whose dedication to his art and strict regimen can put anyone to shame, challenged me this week. I have to deliver a first draft of a short story by MONDAY! Normally, this would be a simple task…for the old Julie who was in several writing workshops at once and couldn’t stop the stories…but this new Julie is an embarrassment! Her imagination is sluggish and uninspired.

Writing, like any craft, is a muscle we have to work and massage and flex and exhaust so it grows bigger and stronger…we have to use the muscle so it doesn’t atrophy…(ugh even my analogies are boring)… But you get it. My writing is out of shape…she’s put on a few pounds…STAY WITH ME, STAY WITH ME…but this new exercise (ah-hah!) is just the ticket…no, just the right recipe…no…just the thing… It is just the kick in the pants I need.

Look I’m already inspired to post this stupid rant.

Please don’t judge.