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Weekly Shoe

In the theme of footwear (the site is wear comfortable shoes after all) I will post a weekly shoe observation/suggestion/mention/lust/eye-roll… you get it. I have been leaning my wardrobe towards leisure living as of late. Relaxed fabrics and colors, simple basics, nothing complicated. Obviously, this is not exactly a departure from my normal style except that fabrics and colors are softer for spring and summer. Black still dominates my daily duds but I can’t really get around that….I’m a native New Yorker for Christ’s sake.

My latest lust is the timeless Espadrille wedge. I want simple beige and black, closed-toe, ankle wrap. AND I don’t want to spend a lot of money. (I mean, I want to but I can’t.)

I found these at Forever 31 (yes, that’s THIRTY-ONE as in the age I will be in two months.)

Of course I love these traditional J.Crew Espadrilles and loooove the Lanvin wedges but Forevs31 rings in at a cushy $24.80 sooooo I think I’ve found my winner. Besides…city walking really takes a toll on the soles and it’s much easier to toss a pair of $25 shoes covered in a summer of sidewalk soot.