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Life + Times

I am a little obsessed with Jay-Z’s new website, Life + Times. I’m also thoroughly annoyed that I became aware of his site via one of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s publicity appearances for her new cookbook “My Father’s Daughter,” because I can’t stand her. Yes, I am totally one of those native New York women who look at Gwyneth feigning cool or street and roll my eyes at the privileged princess. I am also rolling my eyes at the idea that she counts Jay-Z and Beyoncé as her closest friends…snore.

L+T is a well curated blend of music, fashion, art, culture, sports…etcetera. It’s basically a peek inside the mind of style icon, music mogul and all around maven of cool, Shawn Carter–or Jay-Z. I hate that I just described the site like that because I feel like every famous person is basically a billboard for the masses. Everyone’s promoting a brand and Jay-Z is no different. He just gets to have a little more respect because of his background and rough upbringing and the fact that he’s Jay-Z. I mean, c’mon. Here’s a better way for me to describe the site and why I’m enjoying it without feeling like I’m being sold a bunch of shit I can’t afford… It gives well adjusted insight (and I mean well-adjusted because it’s feels like advice coming from someone over lunch or a drink who is confident and experienced and just fucking cool) and suggestions from the world of art, music, fashion…even sports.  If you’re an icon or an emerging talent in your field or industry and you’ve piqued some interest, you’ll probably be interviewed or mentioned as someone to take notice of. AND if you’re a timeless necessity, you’ll make the cut, too. ANd if you’re expensive and flashy, like a new watch or a car or a new tech-gadget–you’ll probably be featured. (someone’s gotta pay for the upkeep)

It’s not terribly unlike other pop-culture sites, I guess, but the design is really great and the interviews are fun and there are a few new people/places/things of intrigue that I’m aware of now, thanks to L+T. Like Fashion blogger and Illustrator Garance Doré. Her illustration commissioned by L+T is lovely:

Or George Lewis Jr.‘s album Forget (released as Twin Shadow). The sample song they have on L+T is kind of fun.

The BEST Q&A of this interview:

L+T: It’s a rock & roll dinner party. You can invite three rock stars, alive or dead. Who do you invite?
TS: Bob Dylan (circa 1967), Bob Dylan (circa 1976), Bob Dylan (circa 2500)

Frugal Fitness

The operating cost of City life has always been as soaring as our skyline. But with all of us taking a more discriminating look at our spending habits the luxuries that once seemed par for the course in New York, like five-dollar lattes or taxi rides, appear now to be quite superfluous. Exorbitant gym membership fees and yoga classes at $15 or $20 a pop can add up. Here are a few frugal fitness tips that will have you tightening the belt—literally and figuratively.

Try an online workout class.

Plenty of the hot new fitness gurus and current techniques are available on YouTube! Tara Stiles of the hot new Strala Yoga has a channel with an assortment of videos. If you prefer a more traditional yoga method, try Yogayak.com for full beginner/intermediate level flow classes. Tracy Anderson has a channel for her method, the famed Tracy Anderson Method, which Gwyneth Paltrow swears by! (It got her in top shape for Iron Man 2.) A few tips for online workouts: Don’t push yourself too hard–expecially for the yoga videos. There aren’t instructors to guide your alignment in yoga or correct your techniques. If you’re overextending or modifying a position yourself, you could and up with an injury. Make sure you watch the video’s first and start with the beginner series–especially for the yoga videos, some knowledge of yoga is required so I would recommend taking a few beginner classes before diving into an online practice.

Free, Donation-based or Cheap yoga.

Yoga to The People is a donation-based organization with locations in New York, Berkeley, San Francisco and soon Seattle. They offer a full schedule of Vinyasa classes at multiple locations throughout NYC.

If you’re interested in a more non-traditional fitness-focused yoga, Strala Yoga in SoHo offers informal styles of classes like Strong, Relax or Recover for a mere $10 per class.


Everyone’s favorite fitness-gear designer, lululemon Athletica, offers free weekly yoga classes at every store location. They even provide mats! Check out the community calendar for each location to find out more information about events.

Join your local Recreation Center.

If you can’t seem to motivate in your own home, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation has affordable memberships and locations throughout the five boroughs. They offer weight rooms, basketball courts, dance studios, fitness classes and indoor pools. The premium membership, which includes access to all facilities and pools, is $75 per year!

FREE passes. The American Health and Fitness Alliance offers FREE passes good for admission to many health clubs and yoga or pilates studios. These passbooks can be purchased for $75 and are filled with a year’s worth of coupons for free classes or weeklong memberships to local gyms and studios in New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

Gwyneth PaltrOH-NO

I have always been a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s work, of her chic style and her seemingly down-to-earth personality…but she has effectively ruined the reputation I conjured up for her with one quote in the May 2010 issue of British Vogue. I mean, what was I thinking, really? Fancy Pants Gwynnie may, from time to time, swoop down from the upper echelons of society but she is not really down to earth, she is just pretending.

OK, so in response to the interviewer’s question about Gwyneth’s opinion of Robert Downey Jr. (her co-star in the Iron Man movies) she says he’s, “…the best. He’s like, the guy who remembers the nanny’s name, y’know.”

UGH! Yeah, GOOP, I know. I mean, for him to stoop so low…for him to humble himself enough to remember the godforsaken NANNY’S NAME! What a glorious man! What a gem. Can we please give him a big round of applause for taking the time out of his busy schedule to be a motherfucking human being and actually remember the name of another human being who is responsible for the welfare of Gwynnies children while she’s out pulling down millions peddling the overpriced Tracy Anderson Method and making talkies.

Perhaps Mrs. Coldplay is too busy “nourishing the inner aspect” to have some decency. FUCK YOU GUYS!

Gwyneth Paltrow deserves a big punch in the face for her stupid comment and I am thinking of passing on the upcoming Iron Man movie because she’s an asshole.