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well-traveled books

The ubiquity of electronic reading devices has reinvigorated my fanatical lust for books. Real books. Print books. Now maybe this is in part because I can’t justify (or afford) an iPad purchase but it is mostly because if I buy something that I can’t actually hold it’s like it doesn’t really exist–like I just threw away $14.99 on a pdf that I could’ve made myself. There’s something official about a book with a cover and a back and pages I can turn. Someone made it and it takes up physical space. I’m also a huge fan of buying used books. It’s green. It’s financially feasible. And the books normally come with little surprises. In my latest Amazon purchase of Metropolitan Life by Fran Lebowitz (I went on a Fran frenzy after watching Martin Scorsese’s “Public Speaking” documentary) I found an air-travel artifact. A Delta Airline ticket from back when smoking was allowed on planes.

Ok, so it’s only Atlanta but I’d like to think that there was a connecting flight to an exciting city in South America…

Check out the available beverages… TAB soda! I think I’ll have a Tennessee Sour Smash.

Just Another Friday

I am so happy to be sitting on my sofa reading the paper and tinkering around online and drinking coffee and NOT WORKING IN RETAIL TODAY! For the retail worker Black Friday marks the beginning of the end of your life–untill January when your regional, area or district manager forgets all your holiday hard work and blames you personally for the post-holiday buyer’s remorse returns. The idea that people rush to Kohl’s or Wal-Mart at 3:00AM is disgusting to me. Spend time with your family, asshole. My favorite thing is the Christmas Eve shopper who bitches about the long lines and shorter hours… Christmas isn’t a pop-up holiday. Same time every year. You knew it was coming.

My gift to the retail workers this year is to shop online. Since I’m on a budget I can’t really shop, online or in real life, but I can look. Looking is free. My latest obsession is the iPad. Don’t ask me why. I have a MacBook Pro–why do I need an iPad? So I can read an article while I get a pedicure? My luck I’ll drop the iPad into the minty tub of water at my feet and there goes the neighborhood. Plus, I love actual books, real books I can hold and touch and turn the pages of… SO this year one of Oprah’s favorite things is an item that kind of merges the two from Twelve South (they specialize in Apple accessories) … I’m smitten.

They also have one for the MacBook Pro!!

The prices for the BookBook range from $79.99-$99.99 … I can buy a lot of real books for that but if I am going to cover my device in anything it will be a vintage book case.