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Stroller in the City Celebrates Winter with PO.P!


Stroller in the City recently hosted another fabulous event…this time at Polarn O. Pyret in Tribeca to celebrate their new cold-weather collection. I try my best to make it to each and every SITC event because I know they’re going to be amazing.


PO.P (Polarn O. Pyret), for anyone who has been living under a rock, is a Swedish brand with top quality winter essentials for babies, kids, and even adults. They also have the softest most delicious basics for kids that I’ve ever seen. The fabrics are buttery soft and the prints are super cute. (They also sell online.)

The PO.P shop opened in Tribeca right around the same time I had my daughter and I quickly became obsessed with their stuff. My mother and I hit the sidewalk sale every year and stock up on all sorts of basics for the kids. It doesn’t help my wallet that I walk past the store almost every day. But I have to say, the quality is unparalleled.

I have become a lazy launderer since becoming a mom—I often forget to pull pieces from the dryer before the cycle ends and sometimes hot dried clothes sit in a big blue Ikea bag for a few days before I can get around to folding and filing everything. The PO.P clothes always come out perfect… I absolutely love the brands. OK enough of my housekeeper failings…and back to the main event


SITC brought together a bunch of other amazing kids brands for this event, too. Slope Ropes is a harness system to use while skiing. I was never a big winter sports person but I did ski occasionally as a kid… I might have to hit the slopes soon so I can take Emilia out when she is big enough. Boogie Wipes is another great product that is perfect for the upcoming sneezing runny-nose season. Tickle Water is a sparkling kids water with great natural flavors for kids to try.


Pressed by KIND is the newest snack bar I plan on keeping on hand for Emilia. I have been a KIND bar addict since pregnancy but I don’t share them with my daughter because I avoid feeding her sugars and especially chocolate. Presses by KIND has no added sugar and two full servings of fruit. Bitsy’s Brain Food snacks are another go to for the stroller or travel bag. Bitsy’s philosophy is simple: Healthy bodies equals healthy minds…learning to eat smart should be fun so that our children develop healthy habits. So Cozy is another great product that I will definitely start using once Emilia’s hair is long enough to tangle. Creative Kidstuff was there, too. Every toy purchase helps children in need around the world.


I am definitely a warm-weather fan…I get annoyed just thinking about gloom, grey skies and frigid temperatures but seeing all the cozy winter essentials and imagining Emilia playing in the snow this year is getting me excited for winter. OK maybe just one snowstorm. The great thing about living in Battery Park City during a snowstorm is that we have an army of folks working for the Battery Park Conservancy who shovel, salt and clean up so we can just play and enjoy! Wearing our stunning PO.P winter essentials, of course!

Thanks to SITC for inviting us to this amazing event!! We are definitely doing all of our winter shopping at PO.P!