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SJP at 92Y

My friend had an extra ticket so I went to the 92Y last night to see Sarah Jessica Parker chat with WNYC’s Leonard Lopate. We had amazing seats, fourth row center stage…YES, she is skinnier in person. I wanted to hurl the two Crumbs cupcakes I had stashed in my bag at her! (There is a Crumbs up the block from the Y and I couldn’t resist a 2-pack s’mores/red velvet combo to bring home after the show. My pants would have been too tight to sit in if I scarfed down a cupcake prior to the speaking engagement, so I shoved the package in my tote.)

She was very charming and fidgety. She talked about her life and gave the same information that anyone who is even remotely a fan of hers would have already known… She’s from Ohio, starred in Annie on Broadway, is a descendant of someone almost tried in the Salem Witch Trials (that bit I knew from some advertisement for that short-lived NBC show, “Who Do You Think You are?”) yada yada yada…And in 92nd Street Y fashion, there was an audience member inquiry about whether Sarah Jessica Parker (who is half Jewish) and her husband, Matthew Broderick (also half Jewish) together make a whole Jew. Parker’s father was Jewish and Matthew Broderick’s Mother was Jewish…and also a painter, apparently.

There was a particularly funny moment in the beginning when Leonard Lopate ran down a lengthy list of all the things SJP is currently involved in and after a slight gasp he asked her how she juggles everything and she smiled and to the mostly female crowd’s delight exclaimed, “I’m a woman.”  After loud applause she added a line that rang very true for me, “If you need something done get a busy woman to do it.” I can’t seem to get anything done and I think it’s because, right now,  I’m the exact opposite of busy. But no matter how busy and accomplished Parker is, Lopate still gave her a little crap about not going to college–citing celebrity examples like Julia Styles and even referring to James Franco’s enrollment at a dozen well-respected Universities as proof that a busy schedule does not an excuse make when it comes to higher education. I kind of wanted to heave my shoe at him. Lay off buddy! I went to college and look where it got me–hunched over my laptop in my living room folding laundry, watching network television and blogging for all of seven followers. (Thank you to my wonderful and supportive friends for reading my words. I love you.) I think we can all give Sarah Jessica Parker a pass on college and respect the fact that she went from a struggling to working actress and has become an industry power-player.

Hearing Parker gush about her love for New York and repeatedly assure the audience that her success did not come without much hard work and dedication…inspired me. I know how unbelievably cheesy that sounds, especially coming from me and my eye-rolling reaction to everything… But I’ve been having a bit of a hate-hate relationship with New York lately. Everything is over-priced, I can’t find a job–let alone one I actually like, it’s loud and frustrating and expensive (wait, I think I already mentioned that)… I guess hearing someone still talk about being in love with my hometown makes me love it again, too. I can make it. I can figure it out–it just takes a little hard work and dedication, à la SJP, to move past this slump. I can’t believe it took Leonard Lopate’s conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker to motivate me. I’m motivated to get a brownstone in the West Village, that’s for sure.

I think I was just excited to get out of the house and put on some proper shoes for a change…

Oooh remember this photo… ok…yoga EVERY day!