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K’mon New York?


My good friend and amNY Style Editor Perrie Samotin commented the other day on the private opening of the Kardashian sisters’ SoHo boutique DASH…and I too am wondering, “Really, New Yorkers? You’d risk getting arrested for the Kardashians?” I am beside myself with embarrassment that New Yorkers went into a frenzy for these girls…although, I am sure the majority of the crowd consisted of tourists and I think I faintly heard “GO HOME” in the background of the E! Online video clip (wishful thinking, maybe). I’m embarrassed every time I stroll past The Smyth in TriBeCa and see hoards of people outside hoping for a glimpse of the Kardashians. Where’s the street cred? Where’s the eye roll? What the F, New York?

I mean New Yorkers used to have an attitude. Usually we’re not very excitable when it comes to celebrities…we are when it comes to hailing a cab or taking the train or when someone jumps the line while we’re on it (ON line, not in line)–I once saw a fist fight at a Duane Reade between two middle-aged women over line skipping. Just the other day I yelled, “Who the fuck are you beeping at, DICK?” at some guy laying on the horn as he rolled his fancy car around the corner at Greenwich and Duane. That guy was Harvey Keitel. I don’t give a shit–I’m from New york! I once yelled at Bruce Springsteen because he was setting off the security alarm at a store I was managing in Rockefeller Center. WHY? Because I’m a New Yorker–try to impress me. Honestly, those two are really bad examples because they’re both respectable entertainers (and to my credit, The Boss did look a little haggard so I didn’t recognize him at first.) I DO like them, I would actually shake their hands…and WHY would I be able to shake their hand? BECAUSE I’M A NEW YORKER! We get to throw that fun fact around anytime we want. Have you ever traveled abroad and received a frown when people hear American then a wild smile when they hear New Yorker? You get it.

Now, I DON’T get how the cops get called to contain a crowd, unless it’s a Wal-Mart store on Black Friday. When I read about the Kardashian Kommotion I still scratch my head wondering if New York is losing all street-cred. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a full-figured brunette brood–but I’d much rather the famous females had a bit more substance to them up top…no, not there–on the wayyy top…above the neck, y’know?

I digress… my beef today isn’t with the K-Sisters, what you see is what you get… My beef is with New York. After all we’ve been through are we really going to let celebrities interrupt our lives?

This is not LA. Pull it together New York!