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Vacation Painting

My boyfriend did some watercolor painting on our recent vacation and he’s posted a few to his blog. I love his work and him, too, of course. The lone palm tree is my favorite one. I can’t wait until our next trip so he can be inspired to paint.

Cabarete Sunrise

This is totally my 1970s album cover. I’m still too sad that vacation is over to write with a clear head about it. The current weather (cold, dreary, typical Northeast April) is particularly depressing and stifling any creative disposition I may have had.


Snow Blows

I am SO sick of this weather. Honestly. It is making me grumpy and short tempered and prone to weeping manic outbursts. It has drained all of my creative energy. I think I might just cloister myself in my apartment and confine myself to the rickety old rocking chair by my bookcase until spring. We’ll see how long that lasts until my boyfriend smothers me in my sleep.

I really need this…

Bora Bora