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yoga WORKS

I am notoriously flakey when it comes to my health…and fitness. Obviously. Look at Project 30. But I have once again tried to re-motivate myself by joining YogaWorks in SoHo. It is a membership-only yoga studio that also offers pilates, barworks (think “Bar Method“), sculptworks (think Jane Fonda). They have locker rooms (contrary to Yelp reviews, they have added lockers and there is more than enough space to freely flaunt your yoga body–as New Yorkers we really should be used to sharing our three feet of personal space–even when we’re naked), a sauna, free computer access and herbal tea. The moment I walked in a felt at home. It is a nice mix of pleasant yogis with furry armpits and blood-diamond wearing bitches with eating disorders. The teachers are very kind and encouraging. I truly look forward to the 45-minute trek or 5 minute R-train ride to Grand and Broadway for a couple hours of wellness.

Mid-Week Update from the Workout Wagon

This has not been a successful workout week. I am not off the wagon–more like hanging on and running along side it. The downward spiral started on Sunday after the farmers market…we made mussels and ate them with an entire loaf of bread. So much for carb-free. Then I added insult gastrointestinal injury by skipping physical activity Sunday AND Monday. WTF.

Tuesday, I “ran” to my parents (one neighborhood over) and proceeded to eat lunch and sit on my ass for hours. THEN

Wednesday, I ate like a fat bastard and went for a walk. This was not a workout.

Today, I power walked up the west side highway then sat in the sun on a bench for a half a hour taking sun! THen I stopped by my parents place and took a nap.

I am really hoping to turn things around for the weekend. This shit ain’t cute. I am doing a full workout tomorrow! No excuses. Arms, abs, legs…I plan on being in a paralytic state Saturday morning from the aftereffects of physical activity. I will also research yoga classes tomorrow even though I have zero motivation for that. Something about being in a class scares me. One of my closest friends, Brianne (who is also a fellow blogger: Stroller in the City), is a big yoga advocate and she always tries (bless her heart) to motivate and encourage me to go… maybe next week (as I always say) BABY STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION!

There is a 4:00 beginner yoga class tomorrow…maybe I’ll go.

Stay tuned.