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Weekly Shoe

I’m thrilled for cooler fall weather AND footwear. I highlight a lot of Zara shoes in my Weekly Shoe post so it is no surprise that I’m picking another Zara item this week. Two, in fact. Zara has a great shoe selection at affordable prices so I don’t feel bad wrecking them on the City streets. One drawback of inexpensive shoes is comfort…I wouldn’t choose a towering stacked heel from Zara but I would purchase a wedge. Wedge heels are my favorite walking shoe because they’re comfortable and still give you height and a sexy leg–without regular trips to the podiatrist.

I picked two Zara suede wedge shoes for early fall–before the snow and sleet come to corrode your soles (although the rubber crepe wedge should withstand the salt.) The first shoe is the Crepe Wedge Ankle Boot, available in two colors shown; and the second shoe is the Zip-up Wedge Ankle Boot, also available in two colors… and the BEST PART… They are available for order online now in the U.S. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Weekly Shoe

I recently returned from a weekend bachelorette party trip to Miami and of course I had to swing by Zara for a treat. Zara is one of those staple stores you have to visit on every vacation. The pieces are afforable and chic. My latest indulgence rang in at a digestible $29.90 and they are quite comfortable. The Knot Vamp Shoe:

According to the Zara website these cute sandals also come in black. I will be on the hunt this weekend for them…yes, I need both colors.