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It has been a while….yes but here is a weekly shoe to get things rolling again.

I’ve had my eye on these puppies for a while, how could you not they’re so dazzling! I also have to say, Zara can make a $79 pair of shows look like a $799 pair! I’m sure they fit like a $20 pair of shoes and peel off your first epidermal layer after a few blocks but…just look at those magic sparkle flats!

I love the fast fashion world!

Weekly Shoe

I recently returned from a weekend bachelorette party trip to Miami and of course I had to swing by Zara for a treat. Zara is one of those staple stores you have to visit on every vacation. The pieces are afforable and chic. My latest indulgence rang in at a digestible $29.90 and they are quite comfortable. The Knot Vamp Shoe:

According to the Zara website these cute sandals also come in black. I will be on the hunt this weekend for them…yes, I need both colors.

Weekly Shoe

How delicious are these Buckskin Wedges from Zara? I love them. I could kiss them. I don’t even know if they’re comfortable shoes but I think wedges usually are. What I do know is that I have no money for frivolous things even if they are from Zara and are under $100, I have to say NO! No Julie! Put that wallet away. No, NO, no…get back here with those credit cards! (just kidding, I actually don’t have credit cards anymore for just this reason.)

Side note, can we just take a moment to give Zara some credit. They have great stuff and they’re really not super expensive. My friend Brianne is always telling me (and blogging) about Zara…for her, for her husband and especially for her son Ryder (who is going to be a big brother soon!)